Dormant Desire

Dormant Desire by Gladys Matar


In 2003, Al-Hiwar House in Latakia published “Dormant Desire,” Ms. Matar’s first direct work on Middle East politics, in which she explored, deeply, the peculiar world of the big players.

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In Dormant Desire, a collection of short stories by Gladys Matar, the author managed to marry the world of fancy and that of reality through her well recognized sarcastic style, presenting such contrasting values as justice and oppression, love and hate, aberration and decency, and beauty and ugliness.

This collection daringly addresses the Dormant Desire of those invested in the game of power, flipping their world upside down. In so doing, Matar managed to shed more light on the points she was making.

She steps fiercely into the world of the big players, disclosing their eccentricities, aberrant behaviors and their likes and dislikes. Matar seems to so sharply perceive the source of their vices and fears, and point these out to them right in the face.

Matar is searching for an institution-based civil society where the individual is creative and moral, where ethics is considered as one’s dignity, and where one’s freedom is the flip side of his very being.

In other stories in this collection, Matar describes a society of spectators viewing life through the many holes in the wall of their almost-fallen life… while leaving everything on God to shoulder.

Source: Bayan Al- Koutob- United Arab Emirates, Issue 235 – November 2002